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About Us


Dearest Friends and Loyal Clients,

Thank you for your interest in our products.
Our mission is to fulfill what our founder, Rochie Saberzadeh, started in 1989, which is
to provide our clients with WOWsome quality merchandise at affordable prices so that
shopping anywhere else becomes obsolete!

Rochie co-founded Greek Row (original name of our company) at age 20, when she was a full-time student 
in her sophomore year. She wanted to help the Greek Community at her University, CSU Northridge, 
expand by being more visible and having greater access to Custom Made Original quality products.
As you can imagine this was such a novelty idea back in 1989. 

At the time, there were less than a handful of companies servicing the Greek Fraternities and Sororities on the entire West Coast. 

Most of which were catalog based mail orders.
The idea to "Freely express your Unique Individuality" was a Huge Hit. Rochie herself being part of 
the Greek System created and introduced numerous new designs and ideas that had a mass appeal 
to her clientele. She was an immediate success and within two years she had to expand 
to a bigger location. In the era before internet, through word of mouth and referrals, fellow Greeks 
would travel from everywhere to visit her and her store. She knew well she had started something special.
Unfortunately, Rochie was tragically killed at age 22 while participating in a Scuba Diving class. 
A bright shining star was gone forever! Her death stunned all those who knew her and left an empty 
spot in all our hearts.

Rochie's store remains in her honor and legacy. Her spiritual presence and vision remains our guiding light.
The best testament is our hundreds of thousands of satisfied Raving Fan clients that have enjoyed 
their treasures throughout the years, locally as well as nationally. It is to all our clients we owe
a debt of gratitude. We have thrived through many ups and downs thanks to our wonderful loyal family
of phenomenal clients. We would not be here without their continued love and support.

In Rochie's honor, a perpetual trust account was set up at CSU Northridge, which is funded by a portion of our store's proceeds 

to help provide financial assistance to a needy student each year through Rochanak Saberzadeh Scholarship.

Rochie's tradition of integrity, honesty, quality and value is still practiced in everything we do. 

                               We practice the timeless culture of love. We love our clients, team members and vendors.  

Our team delights in creating memorable, fun, positive & engaging experience for students through fashionable and unique keepsake.

Welcome to our family, we can't wait to serve you. Our hearts and ears are always open to 
your comments and suggestions. 

With Much Love,
Roya Saberzadeh, co-Founder
and Entire Rochie's Family